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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Serum Thiol Test Measure?

Answer: The Thiol test measures total plasma Thiols in your blood, which have been correlated with Oxidative Stress and DNA repair, the latter being indirect. It has been validated with established research white blood cell methods of measuring DNA repair.

What are the indications for its use?

Answer: The total plasma Thiol test does not need a symptom or infection to warrant its use. It is also non-diagnostic for specific disease conditions, even though it has been been related to the major classes of disorders. It is, in the purest sense, a measure of human health status.

What if my values are really low?

Answer: We will contact you directly and have our medical staff discuss your situation.

What do I do if I already have good Thiol values?

Answer: Then you know that this part of your health is good and if someone is pressing you to take an anti-oxidant, you may not need it.

How can I increase my Thiol level?

Answer: The fastest way is with certain natural supplements that have been shown to raise values in as little as six weeks. We will soon have a rating system to show you. In the meantime, good quality omega-3 sources may be helpful for DNA repair. Regular chiropractic care appears to be a positive influence to increase our recovery from endogenous oxidative stress exposure and DNA damage over time. However, you would need to demonstrate objective findings to qualify for this type of intervention.

Why Doesn't My Doctor Know About Thiol or the Role of Chiropractic?

Answer: Actually many physicians and chiropractors do and have used the test. To be fair though, it is not yet widespread due to the limited availability of the assay. This is part of the normal growth of a specialized, complex test in the marketplace. Our medical director will be accessible to your physician if he or she is interested in learning more.

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